Poisson, Barrage d'eder, Merville, Mayenne, Les ormes, Argentan, Verdun,  

  • Bravo Map Pack:

Gare Central: A remake of Depot from Call of Duty: United Offensive. It combines a unique layout of warehouses, water towers and a train depot.

Marseilles: A remake of Kharkov from Call of Duty: United Offensive A map for vehicle combat, an area that blends tanks, jeeps and motorcycles within a vast open combat arena.

Aller Haut: An Axis-held hilltop fortress.

Seine River: A quiet, moonlit village on the foggy Seine River.

Rimling: A small picturesque town filled with canals.


  • Valor Map Pack:

Crossing: A river crossing with a German fortification on one side, and a farm house the Allies are using as their base close by.

Ironclad: Battered warehouses and naval machinery in an oceanfront shipyard.

La Bourgade: A rural French village.

Stalag 23: An abandoned Nazi prison camp.

Wildwood: A lightly wooded area with much overgrowth. The Allies have a mountain top listening post, and there are several little bases with tents and sniper towers across a large area.